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We are an organization that takes care of the snowmobile trails in the southwest quadrant of Dane County. We are an “all volunteer” club that enjoys taking care of our wonderful trail systems.  The Oregon Sno-Blazers currently has just under 100 active members.  We also have several local sponsors and non-active members that support our club and trail system.

When you are riding on our trail system in Dane County, we would appreciate safe riding, respecting the landowners land and boundaries that make this possible, and supporting the local businesses and sponsors that help us to continue to ride!

Your 2021-2022 club officers are:

President – Matt Fink

Vice President – Brad Clark

Secretary – Deb Clark

Treasurer – Justin Millard

Remember that the trail pass system is now in effect.  You can order your trail passes online, by phone, by mail, or by walking into the AWSC office in deforest.  Feel free to call Justin Millard if you have questions regarding the trail pass info. Click here for a link to trail pass info.

What do Snomobile Clubs do? We would love for you to join the club, and if you enjoy riding, consider helping with trail marking and mainatanence and helping with club events! Please email info@oregonsnoblazers.com fore more info.

We are always looking for new members! If you are interested in joining Click here to join the Oregon Sno Blazers!

Are the Trails open?

Before heading out, be sure to verify that the trails are open.  Below are phone numbers to call for up to date trail information.

Dane County             608-242-4576

Sauk County              608-546-5011

Columbia County      608-277-7433

About Us

The Oregon Sno-Blazers is a snowmobile club located in the Southwest Quadrant of Dane county that was started in 1970. By 1973 our club had grown to the 3rd largest club in the State of Wisconsin with a membership of 213 people.   Meetings were held year round at many locations around the Oregon area.  In 1974, some club members along with other skilled workers and equipment from different areas around Dane County came together to build the Dayton Bridge. Once the bridge was completed, they held a picnic at the bridge site where about 170 people came together to help celebrate the occasion.

Since 1974, our club has hosted a annual dance, as well as a land owner appreciation picnic each year.  The land owner picnics are our way of showing appreciation for letting us use their land to route our trails across.  Without the land owners, we wouldn’t have the trail system that we all enjoy today.  We currently have about 40 land owners that we work with each year to organize and plan trail routes.

Since the beginning of our club, we have helped raise money for several non-profit organizations, including Easter Seals, and The March of Dimes, by planning and hosting annual events to help fund these organizations.

We also attend various senate meetings when there are Bills or Laws that may affect snowmobiling.  An example of this is in 1973 Senate bill 350 was presented.  This was a bill that would have prohibited snowmobiling after dark.  The Bill was not passed due to the strong support of snowmobilers showing up at the capitol as well as letters sent opposing this bill.  As the years have gone by, there have been other issues that snowmobilers have opposed and supported, some successfully and some not so successful.

Some things have changed over the years but many things have not, we continue to hold fund raisers for various charities, hold the land owners picnics, plan club trips, etc.  In 2014 we discontinued our Annual Dance and Raffle and teamed up with the Brooklyn Sno-Hornets and began hosting a Labor Day Truck and Tractor pull.

We hold monthly meetings October through March which are usually held at one location with the exception of our December meeting which coincides with our Christmas party and the February meeting which is held at our winter picnic where fun can be had by members of all ages.  

We currently have about 90 members, but we are always looking for more.  If you enjoy the trails and do not currently belong to a club, please consider joining ours to join in all fun

Snowmobiling in Wisconsin is wonderful!  We have the finest trail system in the country with over 25,000 miles through the volunteer efforts of snowmobilers who have organized into clubs to establish and maintain portions of the Wisconsin trail system.  It is the responsibility of the snowmobile clubs to provide for trail easements, signing, brushing, grooming and other maintenance.  Wisconsin Snowmobile trails are built solely by volunteer workers.  If the trails are good, thank them.  If the trails are bad, volunteer!

Do snowmobile clubs only work on snowmobile trails?  By no means!  They have fun.  They snowmobile, they socialize, they raise money for charities,  they take trips, go camping, hold fund raisers, and help with community projects.  A snowmobile club has something for everyone.

By belonging to a snowmobile club, you are helping to keep the sport as strong as it is by providing good trails and you are having fun by being with people who enjoy and understand the fun and fellowship of snowmobiling.

Join your local snowmobile club.

“United we trail…..Divided we fall!”


Current Officers

President                Matt Fink

Vice President  Brad Clark                        608-516-3955   

Treasurer   Justin Millard                     608-571-5267

Secretary   Deb Clark                        608-516-5055

DC Council Rep  Brad and Deb Clark        608-516-3955

DC Youth Rep Tanner Clark